1 East Liberty

Built green

Envisioned as a bustling hub of business and community activity at the City of Reno’s “Main & Main” intersection (Virginia Street and Liberty Street), S3 Development successfully negotiated the acquisition of the 96,000 sq. ft. U.S. Bank building located at 1 East Liberty Street in 2013.

The business plan featured three specific build out phases: The Green, Repositioning / Remodeling, and Gathering / Pedestrian.

 Investing more than $4.2 million dollars in the overhaul and remodeling, the end result is seven floors of office and retail space, a revamped parking garage, and state-of-the-art utility infrastructure and cloud based software updates.


To date, the building’s green renovations have been able to reduce utility bills by more than 50%. The 14-foot high floor plates and unique 10-foot sheets of glass windows wrapping the entire building pull together a classic and clean look.

 As an impromptu meeting and networking hotbed, S3 also constructed a custom Starbucks café, outdoor plaza with seating, and additional parking spaces at 1 East Liberty.